The Southern Appalachian Cooperative Weed Management Partnership (SACWMP) will host a volunteer workshop on June 15, 2013 at Lemon Gap along the Appalachian Trail.

japanesespireaParticipants will learn about invasive exotic plants, how they affect our natural heritage, and what they can do to stop them. Our focus will be on Japanese spiraea (Spiraea japonica), an Asian shrub originally introduced for its landscape value that has since invaded our native ecosystems.

For more information, please contact Owen Carson by emailing him at

The Western North Carolina Alliance is a SACWMP partner. SACWMP works cooperatively to protect and restore the significant natural heritage of the Southern Appalachians by preventing, detecting, and controlling invasive exotic plants.

We primarily focus along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (A.T.) corridor, USDA National Forest lands, National Park Service units, and along state roads and highways where invasive exotic plants and natural areas of high conservation significance occur. The collaborative management effort overcomes jurisdictional boundaries and the resource burden of individual agencies and organizations while establishing common goals and facilitating cooperation and shared environmental stewardship.