406Today, were sharing with you this hard-hitting national investigative report detailing the staggering amount of pollution that coal-fired power plants dump into rivers, lakes, bays and streams every day in our country.

We need you to help WNCA, Waterkeeper Alliance, Sierra Club, Earthjustice and Environmental Integrity Project to spread the word and to hold these polluters accountable.

Many of them dump into the watersheds that provide you with drinking water and/or recreation opportunities.

The Closing the Floodgates report provides state-by-state details on the unlimited amount of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and other toxic metals that coal-fired power plants have dumped for the last 31 years without either federal or state regulators enforcing the rule of law. It discloses illegal interference by industry operatives inside the Office of Management and Budget to prevent the EPA from moving forward with a clean up option that would force the industry to remove more than five billion pounds of toxic heavy metals from our waterways.

Yes, that is billionwith a B.

The report is so eye-popping and stunning that it speaks for itself BUT ONLY IF IT GETS READ.

So if you do nothing else but send a an email to your friends, family and local news media with the report attached, that would be fantastic.

And here are some more ways you can get involved:

A) Send the report to as many people as you can.

B) Ask as many Americans as you can to take action by using this Waterkeeper Alliance action alert that allows them to send comments straight to the EPA as part of the official comment period on the proposed new rule; here is the link.

C) Post the report and the action link to your website, Facebook, Twitter. (Twitter hashtags: #no toxicwater; #kickcoalash; #protectcleanwater; #swimdrinkfish.)

D) Help fill the echo chamber with as many cries for justice as possible by cross posting the many news stories that will appear across the U.S. starting late today and continuing through the week.

E) Create and participate in public events to help highlight the reports findings and raise awareness about the EPAs critical new coal plant water pollution rule. This week, organizers will hold local events across the country. From a toxic lemonade stand in Pennsylvania to a Miss and Mr. Toxic Water Swimsuit Competition in Missouri, activists from coast to coast will call for the EPA to finalize the strongest possible standards to protect American families from dangerous toxic water pollution. You can also create your own event. The EPA comment period is open until Sept. 20, so you have plenty of time to get creative and design your own local event.

Thank you for letting your community and our North Carolina and national leaders know that there IS a better way.

We CAN work together to move boldly toward a CLEAN and SAFE energy future!